Chamber’s Corporate Donors Unveiled by News Report

Washington, DC - In response to the New York Times report that the Chamber of Commerce is relying on a small number of large corporate givers to finance its political and lobbying operation, Campaign Money Watch, a project of the nonpartisan Public Campaign Action Fund, released the following statement from its Director, David Donnelly:

"We have maintained that the corporate and individual funders of attack ad campaign run by the Chamber and other groups may try to hide in the shadows, but we know who they are: Wall Street firms and CEOs, Big Oil companies, the insurance industry - anyone who is threatened by change in the way Washington works. With this news report, we now know that is absolutely true. In a week and a half, American voters should be skeptical of any candidate, Democrat or Republican, the Chamber backs. And Congress should come back to Washington ready to cut off their power by passing the Fair Elections Now Act."