CA-03: Holding Dan Lungren Accountable for Opposing Fair Elections

Whether it's requesting earmarks for campaign contributors or taking a Hawaiin vacation on big money's dime, Rep. Dan Lungren knows how to play the special interest game in Washington, D.C.

Dan Lungren's Transparency

Rep. Dan Lungren will benefit from spending by American Crossroads, the new political pouring millions of dollars into elections without disclosing its donors. Just a few weeks ago, Rep. Lungren talked about the importance of transparency. Will he stand by his own statement and demand transparency from American Crossroads? Here's the video evidence:

Hawaii Five-Oh

Rep. Dan Lungren once said in a hearing on the Fair Elections Now Act that he didn't know anyone who liked to raise money. Well, his 2008 trip to Hawaii using a loophole that allows donors to pay for it says differently.

Give-to-Get earmarks

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) claims to be a proponent of earmark reform and transparency. That may be, but he isn't telling the whole story in his requests.

All of Rep. Dan Lungren's 2010 earmark requests were for those who contributed money to his re-election campaign, according to a new report released today by Campaign Money Watch. In total, Rep. Lungren has received nearly $52,000 in campaign contributions from the executives, PACs, and lobbyists representing the companies for whom he requested millions in earmarks

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