CA-03: What was that about disclosure?

A few weeks ago during the mark-up in the Committee on House Administration on the Fair Elections Now Act, Rep. Dan Lungren said he was opposed to Fair Elections, but "I would take the limits off individual contributions but make them reportable immediately, electronic reporting within 24 hours of receipt, so that everybody could know where you get the money." (video below)

Well, today Rep. Lungren gets his chance to show he believes this. American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-led group that won't disclose who is funding its millions in political spending, has announced that it will start running an ad to help his re-election campaign.

As David Donnelly said in a press release today:

"We know that Rep. Lungren has opposed legislation aimed at empowering everyday Americans, exploited loopholes that let lobbyists pay for a junket to Hawaii, and seeks earmarks only for his wealthy donors. But will he at least stick to his word on what he said just a few weeks ago?”

We'll keep you posted.

Here's the video: