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Campaign Money Watch in the News

We've been holding politicians--and secret spenders--accountable this election cycle. And we're making news.

Secret Spenders

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its conservative allies are spending tens of millions this election cycle to get their chosen candidates elected to Congress. And for the most part, we don't know who's footing the bill.

Chamber of Commerce: Rachel Maddow on the Chamber and outsourcing

Last night, Rachel Maddow cited our report on the number of jobs lost to outsourcing in the districts where the pro-outsourcing Chamber of Commerce is politicking this election cycle.

Check it out:

CA-03: What was that about disclosure?

A few weeks ago during the mark-up in the Committee on House Administration on the Fair Elections Now Act, Rep. Dan Lungren said he was opposed to Fair Elections, but "I would take the limits off individual contributions but make them reportable immediately, electronic reporting within 24 hours of receipt, so that everybody could know where you get the money." (video below)